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Anhydrous Ammonia

Our manufacturing plant is located at Edayyar(Chemical Zone), Aluva - the industrial capital of Kerala

The plant has a capacity to store 100 Ton of Anhydrous Ammonia.

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    The Anhydrous Ammonia can be supplied in

    Anhydrous Ammonia
  • Our Returnable Cylinders (40 kgs. & 50 Kgs. Net capacity - Approx. 150 cylinders per day)
  • 40 Kgs. Net capacity cylinders
    Anhydrous Ammonia can be done to the manufacturers of Anhydrous Ammonia and Anhydrous Ammonia is the supplier of supplier of Anhydrous Ammonia.
    These are seamless mild steel cylinders as per BSS 401 specification and are of Czechoslovakian origin. The Tare weight is 90 kgs. approximately
  • 50 Kgs. Net capacity cylinders
    These are three piece welded mild steel cylinders as per IS7680 specification.

    Anhydrous Ammonia in Tank
    The cylinders are of Indian origin, manufactured by Bharat Pumps & Compressors Ltd. and Jai Maruti Gas Cylinders Ltd.
  • Our Returnable Road Tankers (7/9/12 M.T. Net capacity).

We can undertake bulk supply of ammonia upto 500 M.T. per month.

Anhydrous Ammonia is manufactured in india. and india manufactures of Anhydrous Ammonia is in which Anhydrous Ammonia supplier.

We can fill cylinders owned by our customers also.

Specification of Anhydrous Ammonia

Purity {min} : 99.5%
Oil content {max} : 0.002%
Moisture {max} : 0.5%
Pyridine : Nil
Napthalene : Nil
Phosphine : Passes the test
S. Compounds : Passes the test
Phenolic Compds. : Passes the test
Anhydrous Ammonia conforms to IS : 662-1955