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About GK Gases & Chemicals

GK GASES & CHEMICALS, a partnership firm, has established itself in the year 1998 as the largest supplier of Anhydrous Ammonia and Ammonium Hydroxide in Southern part of India mainly Kerala catering to the requirements of Tamilnadu and Karnataka also.

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Our major customers are Latex industries and Rubber cultivators and a small portion of our sales go to some of the Ice plants in Kerala. We have made a reputation among the customers with prompt supply of quality product with competitive rates.

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As a result of our reliability to our customers we were compelled to start another unit named EXEL AMMONIA Pvt Ltd at Palakkad to meet the increasing demand for our products. The company was formed to focus on the northern part of Kerala as GK GASES AND CHEMICALS was getting difficult to meet customer requirements at that area.

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Both GK GASES AND CHEMICALS and EXEL AMMONIA Pvt Ltd have a group of committed and dedicated workers who ensures consistent quality to satisfy customer requirements. The Managing Partner is well experienced in this field and has got wide contacts in the state of Kerala. The company is having an employee force to look into every aspect of production and sales.

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GK GASES AND CHEMICALS has got a name in the forefront Kerala manufacturers of Ammonia among the suppliers of Ammonia Gas. It is worth mentioning that our two establishments; covering 75% of total requirement of Ammonia in Kerala.

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Both the companies have the required infrastructure and complied with all the formalities laid down by the government authorities to cater the requirements of customers.